Composing with Irish Traditional Folk Song Melodies & Found Texts

This page shares examples of my compositions that incorporate Irish traditional folk song melodies and found texts: Ulster Rambles, The Agreement We Have Negotiated, Songs of Genetics, One Last Thing, Macha’s Big Idea, and Glaoch Loch nEathach (The Call of Lough Neagh).

Ulster Rambles

Ulster Rambles (2017) is a montage of traditional Irish melodies and found texts on themes around walking in Northern Ireland. Texts from Northern Ireland’s Troubles: The Human Costs by Marie-Therese Fay, Mike Morrissey and Marie Smyth; and Ulster Rambles: Fourteen Great Walks on The Ulster Way by Peter Wright. Melodies are variations of Irish traditional song Rambling Irishman.

Ulster Rambles was premiered live at the Black Box Belfast, November 2017. A studio recording of Ulster Rambles is featured on Songs and Games.

The Agreement We Have Negotiated

Composed for the British Council showcase at Sonic Arts Research Centre for Agreement 25 at Queen’s University Belfast. Lyrics taken from the original text of the 1998 Belfast Agreement (The Good Friday Agreement).

Songs of Genetics


One Last Thing

Ciaran Carson Conference – Seamus Heaney Centre

Macha’s Big Idea

ABC Armagh conference

Glaoch Loch nEathach (The Call of Lough Neagh)