Do You Hear What I Hear @ Sonorities 2022

Guide to App Installation

STEP 1: Install MobMuPlat app on your device

STEP 2: Download & copy the Do You Hear What I Hear applet to MobMuPlat app

  1. Go to download link: to find the file – click Download button
  2. Copy the .zip file to the MobMuPlat app.
  • iOS: tap ‘Open in… MobMuPlat‘ or  ‘Copy to MobMuPlat’,  etc.
  • iOS (some versions): long-press the file to show options, select Move > On My iPhone > MobMuPlat
  • If you see a list of files then you may have opened the into a folder.  Exit the folder and move/copy the original .zip download to MobMuPlat.
  • Android: go to your Downloads or Files, select the > extract to > Select directory > MobMuPlat.
  • You may have to select an option to ‘Show Internal Storage’ to find the MobMuPlat folder within your device storage.

STEP 3: Open the Do You Hear What I Hear applet

  1. Open MobMuPlat app
  2. Click the Menu button top left [=]
  3. Scroll the list and select ‘doyou.mmp’.  If you can’t find it, look for the file and open it.  If you can’t see either of these at first try tapping ‘show all files’.

STEP 4: Try the experience!

  • Follow the onscreen instructions on the app

STEP 5: Complete the Survey

Question or problem?

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